give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others and watch yourself bloom

self-care is about deliberate in taking time to yourself for the great full for your mind, body, and soul.

self-care is not being selfish. it's about love and replacing your spirit in different ways. 

so today I can tell you, my friends and my blogger family 5 guides to self-care night routine at any age so let's get started amazing self-care night routine they can change your life.

1: shower

     experts say their evidence that a night shower helps you drift off, Abigail abrams writes, if you time it just right. but there more good than just good sleep that comes from a moonlight shower abrams told as body temperature is a key component in regulating circadian rhythm, the inner clock tells the body when to feel sleepy or bright-eyed.

      the study found that warming your body can help bring on sleep as long as there enough time to cool down afterward.

      the study can conclude that a 10 to 15 min bath or shower at a temperature between 104 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit ( 40 to 42 degrees Celsius ).

      the shower took 2 hours before bedtime improved sleep quality, efficiency, and onset latency.

      the national sleep foundation was telling as washing your face before bed help reduces breakouts, improve your moisturizer. 

2: write down 3 good things to get your brain the habit of seeing the positive. 

3 good things that happened to you today or 3 grateful you are for.

       written that in your journal.

       you can make sure this step uses in less than 7 days, and you can see the lots of benefits over these days.

       benefits of 3 good things written on the night

       > lower depression

       > improve your sleep quality

       > less conflict work 

       > great and higher levels of happiness

       > better work-life balance 

3: 10-15 min stretching 

          bedtime stretching helps you to aches and achieve a peaceful slumber.

              55% of people did it stretching at night so founded that it helps to get a night of better sleep.

              and study shown that flexibility lowers risk factors for heart disease.

              10 min of stretching you can feel relaxed.

              3 stretching staps they can help you 

1: knee to chest

    . one leg and place both of your hands on knees

    . gently bring your knee to your chest

    . hold, and repeat the other side.

2: spinal twist

    . your back extends both arms out from your sides.

    . slowly cross your left leg over the right side of your body and allow it to fall naturally towards the floor

    . deeper twist, turn your head to left

    . repeat on the other side

3: side stretch

    these 3 steps help you better sleep and my friends make sure you can check out youtube or google images for these 3 steps to better understand you.

    sorry but my friends I couldn't show you on images and YouTubes video because I can soo you this thinks so my side was band, so please my friends you can understand these problems.

4: turn of all the electronics 

     if you can go to sleep 1 hour before you can turn off the electronic phone, tv, laptop. 

     the study can prove that if you can use it at night so the electronic was a blue light effect on your sleep quality. 

      blue light emitted from electronic devices prevents the pineal gland from releasing melatonin needed to sleep. you can turn off devices 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

5: meditate for 5 minutes before sleep

       meditation helps you to get in a relaxed state of mind for better sleep. 

       before bed you can meditate they can improve sleep cycles in a variety of ways. 

       the study proved mindfulness meditation showed improvements in sustained attention, which prevent the mind from wandering at night.

This is the 9 Habits That Damage Your Brainhope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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