Top 8 Diet & Foods Avoid For Your Kidney Disease

Diet To Avoid For Your Kidney Disease

        If you are health issues unfortunately if you are kidney disease. if you can healthy your kidneys so make sure you can avoid these foods and diet. also, I can create Top 10 Amazing Foods For Kidneys Health

        the been shape kidney was so important organ for your body. that was clear your body and remove any dangerous and faster throughout your urine. today I can tale you 8 foods for a bed for your kidney.

        today I can share with your diet to avoid for your kidney disease that was a change your kidney disease

1: an excess of protein 

     protein is good for your all-over body health they can help you healthy growth of your body. but you can hear of old human told everything you love for eat but you are over it its damage your health.

     and they are the same problem you can eat a balance of protine. you can intake more and more protein they can damage your kidney

     you can note every day in your diet that's foods as meat, eggs, milk, nuts, and seeds.

     eat healthy green vegetables and less meat and eggs, milk, nuts, and seeds.

2: avocado

     obviously avocado was healthy food. but you have a kidney disease you can not eat and also you are healthy kidney but you can not eat more avocado because

     avocado has rich sources of potassium 150 grm avocado provide 727 milligrams of potassium and that are lots of so please you can eat avocado don't wary about it but you can eat a half of avocado

3: Bananas

       the banana was very healthy for your body but you can eat more and more bananas your health was not healthy you can damage your body organs most of liy kidneys

      banana provide high potassium one bananas was provided 422 milligrams of potassium the healthy kidney was maintained your body potassium level but you have kidney disease so its dingers for your overall body health

4: olives

     olives are rich sources of sodium and more sodium is in fact on your kidney.

      also, processed olives tend to be salty because they are cured and fermented to test less bitter

      so if you have a kidney disease please avoid eating an olive, also you can healthy kidney make sure you can limited size to olive

5: dark-colored cola drinks

        they are high in calories and sugar, along with additives that contain phosphorus and you know that phosphorus is damage you kidney

        they can bad for all over you body health, 10 years they can most popular and some person that can use as the water they can eat his diet, they can add this so don't drink it.

6: canned foods

         they are most common for a new generation. mostly canned foods contain a lot of salt as a preservative to increase their shelf life.

          potassium and phosphorous too much sodium are bad for your kidney, so don't eat canned foods, eat homemade fresh food you can live a healthy and long life.

7: whole-wheat bread

          old humans are told me and my team people have been sick since baking bread turned on.

whole-wheat bread is more bran and whole grains in the bread, the more phosphorus and potassium it contains

8: tomatoes | potatoes | sweet potatoes

tomatoes potatoes and sweet potatoes are too high in potassium and anyone with kidney problem should not eat then and you can eat so only in the small amount you can eat this type of food

they would not be eaten at the same time as other high-potassium foods.

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