Easy MOST EFFECTIVE Natural Home Remedies To Remove Sun Tan

Amazing Sun Tan Removal Home Remedy

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    if you want to remove sun tan on your face and body skin and come back in your original skin so I can tell you 1 easy way to Sun Tan Removal Home Remedy this home remedy 100% result.

    only 1 wash and your skin tan were reduced so without waste time let's get remove suntan.

    tanning is the body's natural shield against UV rays of the sun. skin cell produces melanin which causes,l a tan, and that melanin can tan your skin.

    this blog not to talk about your fire skin or dark skin, but it's about getting your original skin tone back!
    it's about getting healthy and glowing skin I can share with you 1 tried and tested homemade mask! this mask removes only 1 wash your skin tan was removed 100%

how to make a suntan mask?

  •     1 tablespoon of gram flour has been used for detaining and brightening one's skin tone for centuries. its super cleansing properties leave your face looking its best ever! 

  •     1 tablespoon of curd enriched with lactic acid, the curd is a natural bleaching agent to fight sun tan quickly. 

  •     1/4 tablespoon turmeric known for its anti-aging properties, turmeric repairs the damaged skin and lightens the skin tone.

  •     1 tablespoon honey has the ability to open up the pores and unclog them off dead skin cells. full of antioxidants, a natural moisturizer & soother, honey give a glow to the skin. 

  •     1/2 tablespoon of sandalwood powder the natural oils in sandalwood, effectively helps get rid of suntan. 
  •     last and final 1 tablespoon of rosewater due to its astringent properties helps clean pores and tones the skin.

  •     mix them thoroughly to make a paste-like consistency so the ready your magic detain pack applies the mixture over the tanned areas over body tan you can apply this.

  • let the mak do its action for about 20-30 minutes and before this, you can wash the face with cool tap water. 

       this was no harmful full and any skin type uses it and enjoys the sun. I can tell you this mask applies any time but the better result you can apply morning.

This is the MOST EFFECTIVE SUN TAN REMOVAL | DIY Home Remedies hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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