5 Best Foods For Lungs

5 Best Foods For Lungs

5 Best Foods For Lungs

5 Best Foods For Lungs

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     lungs are the impotent part of your body also lungs are circulatory and respiratory systems work together and today I can talk about 5 best foods for lungs to the transport oxygen-rich blood through the body 

    lungs can oxygen-rich blood cells travel to the heart from the lungs 

    the heart pumps enriched blood cells. they travel through arteries the body 

    red blood cells deliver oxygen to cells and remove carbon dioxide in your oxygen 

    lungs red veins are oxygen-rich and blue was oxygen-poor 

    short and simple lungs work for pure you inherit oxygen and clear all the bad bacterias and carbon removal I can so prove full for my god and also so thankful fo create the great human 

so let's jump into the 5 best foods for lungs 

1: Turmeric

   turmeric is the best medicine for you all over the body and they are created by god turmeric are lost curcumin is the main part of your healthy lungs also they can help asthma, COPD, lung injury, pulmonary fibrosis

   next time you can see turmeric you can eat some part of this and stay healthy your lungs also you can add with warm milk and add 1 spun of turmeric and 1 glass eat every day/ twice a day so you can no problem can you see in your lungs 

2: Eat Healthy Foods 

    healthy lungs first one is salmon fish salmon contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids while these healthy fats have been widely toted for their cholesterol-reducing effects studie proven they can help ease asthma symptoms as well  
    the second food is Nuts nuts are another great sources of beneficial fats and research-proven that a small handful a day can lower the risk of cancer also another studin claim that one serving of walnuts every day can reduce risk of lungs cancer by up to 50%

    there are flax seeds and flax seeds are a superfood that is beneficial for lungs flax seeds contain are mostly omega-3s and other minerals  which can potentially have positive benefits for your respiratory system
     flex seeds is experiment conducted with mice that have been exposed to toxic compounds they mice whose diet included flax seed  so this showed less lung damage 

3: Eat More Spicy 

     eat more spicy that can provan with medical science that choric inflammation has a huge number of negative effects on your health 
      this means that foods fight inflammation and particularly good for not only your lungs but your entire body

 ginger is the spiciest and good for lungs and has long been an asthma remedy in herbal medicine not only does it fight inflammation ginger seems to naturally promote smooth muscle relaxation in the airways of the lungs which helps to make breathing easier 

garlic is the second most spicey inflammation in your body. not only does garlic reduce inflammation it also possesses anti-septic that can help the body ward off infection 

4: Fruits And Vegetables Are High In Antioxidants

    antioxidants help clean up free radicals throughout the body free radicals can cause genetic mutations which inhibits the proper function of every major organ 

    this is why consuming foods high in antioxidants can not only provide a health boost for lungs but for all the major organ in the body 
     this can some high antioxidants 
  • oranges
  • bell peppers
  • grapefruit
  • avocado
  • dark leafy greens
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • apples

5: Beverages That Provide Benefits 

    the first number was water and you can be hearing this type of dialogs drinks more water but this is important to emphasize that our lungs and all major organs need adequate hydration in order to function properly 
    the second number was coffee this one seems a bit counterintuitive because doctors of cardiac patients often recommend avoiding coffee due to the stimulative effects of caffeine

     coffee was vasodilator that improves blood flow throughout the circulatory system which could potentially benefit the lungs

       this blog is 5 best foods for your lungs the 5 foods are turmeric, eat healthy foods, eat more spicy food, antioxidant, beverages benefits 

      if you are satisfied on this blog please support this blog where and also comments if you like a blog 

                                                          "stay healthy stay fit"

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