13 Apple Health Benefits

 13 Apple Health Benefits  


Today I can talk about apple health benefits apple is that git of god also most popular poetry one appale a day can docter away  somthing i am not good in poetry so you can understant so without wasting time start tha today topic today topic was apple health benefits apple is the king of foods also apple much better than ever food in cancer pasant also apple was sweet, crispy, tangy.  
today i can talk about 13 benefits of apple so lats statr this blog 🍎.

1: Every Morning Eat The Apple  

        every morning 1 apple can you eat so your blood level increase and your blood purifying so your blood purify so and body problems acne, digestion problem, cancer disease, weight loss, etc.

        Apple has so many vitamins vitamin-E helps your skin problems and your skin was brightening and any skin disease problem soloed

      Apple has so much magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, cal
cium so boost your immunity and fight with any tip of the virus.

     also, apple has vitamin-A, vitamin-E, vitamin-k, vitamin-B3, vitamin-A.

2: Helpful For Teeth 

      Apple has so much vitamin-C so apple has solved every teeth problem and also strong then your teeth and apple teeth related to every problem was slowed if you can eat the apple.

     apple juice has much better than apple in this case if you can do every morning fresh apple juice eat so your teeth related any problem hopefully solved.

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3: Heart Problem 

     if you eat an apple a day so your  heart related to every problem was solved because apple has reduced the bad  cholesterol  

     every hard related problem start to and the main problem was the bad cholesterol  so apple has the reduce the bad cholesterol 
    so apple was good for your heart so if you can define with any heart-related problem make sure one apple eat every morning 9 days you can releasing your heart was much better heart-related madison so please eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle.

4: Low Risk Of Cancer

    eat 1 apple a day prefer to eat a morning apple is rich in antioxidants.

     to reduce the risk of lung and colon cancer help keep the healthy digestive tract 

   Apple has a lot of antioxidants so lung and any type of cancer mostly blood cancer most benefits of apple so if you prefer you can better sleep and moring the first one apple eat.

5: Reduce Diabetes 

   Apple is so mushing polyphenols so much helping in diabetes

    people who ate 3 serving of apples a week a hed a 7% lower risk of type 2 diabetes

    the polyphenols help improves the regularity of blood sugar 

6: Loss Weight

    apple is full of nutrition and fiber and low in calories to lose weight by proved to feel full longer to proving to overeat.

    Apple has so vitamins and fiber and calcium so if you can hungry eat some of the apples so apple full feel of your stomach and if you can realize that your stomach is full.

 so you cant overeat so if you lose your weight so much and it's a healthy way to lose your weight 

7: Strong Your Bones

    Apple has a good amount of calcium and a lot of nutrient and vitamin B3 more help your bones healthy life 

    apple has vitamin D3 and this vitamins growth your bones and also helps you for your healthy bones 

so if you are any bones-related problems if you prefer this and also 9 bay 3 apples a day eat apples your bones are too strong than after so make sure if you can try if.

8: Prevents Asthma 

     the study found people who ate 2-5 apples in a week can have 32% to help lower the risk of asthma.

     also benefits 
  • flavonoids
  • vitamin- C 
  • phenolic acids 
               to help soothe inflammation in airways.

9: Detoxify Liver

    contain pectin, detoxification agent helps prevents from 

  • headaches
  • bloated stomach
  • allergies
  • indigestion
caused by toxins in the liver.

10: Boost Brain Health

      apple has a rich source of quercetin found in apple skin, an antioxidant to protects the brain 

     cell & very beneficial to improve brain health & reducing Alzheimer's disease

     apple has brain memory increased also apple has provided mental paces apple has low your anxiety and depression

 so make sure you can understand apple so please improve your diet and must be added in you're dieting one apple.

11: Apple Has Prevented Alzheimer's

     apple juice could keep Alzheimer's away  and fight the effect of aging on

     showed higher levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and did 

     better in maze test and than those on a regular diet
     improve your sleep quality and you can deep sleep in your mental space also apple can reduce your stress and good and happy feeling in your mind.

12: Apple can help avoid Parkinson's 

     Apple has a high- fiber food apples many be protected against Parkinson

     disease a condition characterized by a breakdown of the brains dopamine
    producing never cells scientists have linked this to the free radical fighting power.

13: Apple Can Prevent Gall Stones

     this is the eye-opening benefits of apple gall stone

 from when there to much cholesterol in your vial from it to remain as a liquid so it solidifies 

they are particularly prevalent in the obese to prevent gall stones doctors recommend a diet high in fiber.

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This is the Apple Health Benefits hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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