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What is Dragon Fruit How To Cut-Eat Also Dragon Fruit Benefits

What Is Dragon Fruit?

      The pitahaya is a fruit that you may have never heard of before. However, you might know it as the Dragon fruit or cactus fruit. It’s an exotic fruit with some definite health benefits. 

           Just as it has three different names, it also has several different colors.

           The most widely found pitahaya has white-flesh and black seeds.

           Others may have red flesh and still, others have yellow skin with white flesh. 

           Though it may look strange and have strange names, it’s a great source of antioxidants, is rich in important nutrients, and contains lots of different vitamins essential to good health.

            great-tasting fruits that are also rich in antioxidants for a healthy lifestyle.

Dragon Fruits Nutrition

      Even better than that, it’s got great taste. Called a tropical superfood by some, the pitahaya may appear to be a mix between a kiwi and a pear. It’s like a kiwi because the seeds also contain a ton of nutrients like omega 3s and omegas 6s—the good fats.

      Fights Diabetes First, the pitahaya can assist in controlling our blood sugar. It’s a fantastic food for diabetes because of its low glycemic index.
       But, it doesn’t just help those already diagnosed with diabetes, it also could help prevent the development of diabetes in those who don’t have it. 

   High In Vitamin C

  .   Carbohydrate Sand Even Fiber

  .   High In Complex B Vitamins

  .   B1, B2, and B3, along with calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

  .  Omega 3s And Omegas 6s

Yellow Dragon Fruits

                 Hailing from South America is one of the best-tasting fruits on the planet, on this episode of rare foods you’ve never heard of we bring you the yellow dragon fruit.

                 This cactus born fruit yields one of the largest flowers ever produced on a cactus. Often grown as an ornamental vine this fruit is anything but ornamental.

              Being a relative of the red skin, white-fleshed dragon fruit the yellow dragon fruit tastes as you’d expect the red dragon fruit to taste.

                 Often when people first taste the more common red dragon fruit they expect a strong flavor yet are a little let down by its mild taste. 

              The yellow dragon fruit is anything but mild. The tropical complex sweetness is addictive and expensive. 

              The yellow dragon fruit often costs5 - 10 times more than a red one while offering ½ as much fruit to enjoy.

              Measuring about the size of a large oval-shaped orange this fruit is dense white flesh and edible black seeds.

                  Yellow dragon fruit coming from South America is considered to be the real fruits there is actually a similar looking one from Israel that tends to have green tips. 
              Being native to South America more specifically Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, Colombia is the largest commercial producer of the fruit. Smaller-scale productions take place in southern California as well.

                  This fastgrowing, self-fertile cactus grows long arms up to 20 feet or 6 meters long that’ll produce spineless easy to harvest fruit. 

              Available year-round the yellow dragon fruit has two-peak times annually in early summer and fall. Rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, carotene, and vitamin C this fruit can aid in reducing cholesterol, facilitate digestion, and help prevent certain types of cancer

                  Only available since the early 2000s in Europe and North America due to import restrictions this fruit is rare to find but during its peak harvest times you may be able to find it at Asian markets in larger cities. 

              Typically the yellow dragon fruit is eaten raw but sometimes added to fruit salads, desserts, baked goods, smoothies, cocktails, or made into a sauce, or syrup.

Health Benefits Dragon Fruit
                  Fights Diabetes First, the pitahaya can assist in controlling our blood sugar. It’s a fantastic food for diabetes because of its low glycemic index. 

              But, it doesn’t just help those already diagnosed with diabetes, it also could help prevent the development of diabetes in those who don’t have it.

                 Aids in Proper Digestion Because it’s a good source of dietary fiber, the pitahaya helps keep you regular. The fiber makes sure that our digestive system is operating properly and prevents constipation. 

                 The fiber that the Dragon fruit contains is a soluble fiber, so it slows the absorption of sugar and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Additionally, it may lower LDL levels, the bad cholesterol, and provide an extra full feeling which could also aid in weight loss.

                 They are principally responsible for maintaining lower levels of bad cholesterol, which has already been mentioned. 

              Works to Prevent Cancer Because of the high level of antioxidants and anti-carcinogens found in the Dragon fruit, it’s able to work to fend off certain cancers

                 Promotes Healthy Skin The Vitamin C found in the pitahaya is great for your skin. It’s been shown to slow the aging process and fight the effects of over-exposure to the sun. This great fruit makes your skin feel good, but it also makes it look good too. 

                 Promotes a Healthy Heart Too The pitahaya has flavonoids that have been proven to lower the risk of heart disease. Various studies have found that foods rich in flavonoids are extremely important for a healthy heart

              However, high Vitamin C levels also contribute to our cardiovascular health by lower the risk of strokes, according to the American College of Clinical Nutrition. 

What does dragon fruit taste like
              While you can't eat the peel of a pitahaya, you need to pay attention to this peel when you’re at the market picking out your fruit.
                   It’s best to pick a firm one and let it ripen at home for a juicy pulp with a great taste. 
                   Much like a kiwi, to extract that creamy middle flesh, you’ll need to cut it in half and spoon out the flesh and edible seeds.

                   Try adding it to a fruit salad for its extra great taste and cool look.

how to cut-eat

                    Remove edges of dragons fruit Make it half horizontally Peel it off Make it small pieces Serve it

                  Though it may look intimidating, dragon fruit is very easy to eat.      


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